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Metastatic disease hip
proximal femur replacement for metastati
metastatic acetabular disease.jpg

Metastatic bone disease (MBD) is a common diagnosis in those who have had cancer in the past or who are diagnosed with advanced cancer for the first time. Previously it was thought that this meant the patient was palliative and did not have long to live. With modern medical treatments and the advances in Oncological drugs, patient with MBD may live for many years. It is important to make that time as pain free and as functional as possible to enjoy family, friends or even work.

There are many surgical and medical Oncological options available to patients today. Much of the decision making needs to be made by the multidisciplinary team to achieve a successful result. Decisions such as the what chemotherapy or radiotherapy to give and when are important and need to be made in consultation with the surgical team to avoid complications like infection and wound breakdown. As the pictures above demonstrate there are many different surgical options and it is critical to chose the right option from the start to avoid repeat operations and precious time spent in hospital.

Dr Hilton is part of an excellent network of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists not to mention occupational therapists and alternative physicians. We offer a caring and personalised approach to this difficult diagnosis and treatment.

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